A Talk Between The Good And The Innocent.

A story almost as good as Christianity.

The innocent: “Master, after what I have seen I can no longer be innocent and so naive.”

The Good: “Yes my child. That’s right. Evil ultimately destroys itself taking innocence with it. When innocence confronts evil for the first time it becomes corrupted and that’s how evil destroys innocence. You can no longer walk the path of the innocent. If you wish to remain Holy, you must become actively good. The passive goodness of innocence is only functional in a society of saints. Become powerful, become meek, become humble, become good but not just good, become great! That is why we must protect the innocent. So that they can mature in good time and become great because good things take time. You are all called to greatness. You are called to be a saint.”

The innocent: “But master it is hard. I try and I fail. My heart accepts the law yet I continue to sin. I seek to destroy evil yet I end up angry and confused.

The Good: “My child let me tell you a story, our story. Once upon a time, long, long ago, we were all innocent. One day we were hurt or we encountered evil for the very first time and as a result, a part of us had become evil. We can no longer simply rely on our basic inclinations to take us to good ends. The innocence project had failed the moment evil entered the world. Fortunately, life happens organically, we are not totally corrupt or evil but now that evil has penetrated and stained our very nature, a part of us must die. It is the only way. For this reason, we can no longer live because as long as we do, the darkness grows. Worse yet it spreads. Our dysfunction now serves to corrupt the other “innocents” when they encounter your evil. This hurts our loved ones especially our children who are largely innocent.”

The innocent: “I’m scared. How do I become good!?”

The Good: “You are scared because you are still weak. You are right to be afraid. You must become strong but in doing so never forget to submit to the locus of Goodness. Your power will be evil so far as you fail to submit to the good and you shall do evil breeding only more of it in yourself. As I said that part of you must to die. By denying a part of yourself it shall die.”

Trembling innocence: “But Master! You once said the serpent of Evil is the greatest deceiver. If part of me is evil then how will I know which part to keep and which to destroy. Surely the serpent will seek to preserve itself. If I have evil within me then how can I trust myself to find it. I feel morally compromised. All hope is lost for I am doomed towards the inevitable consumption by the serpent of darkness within me and around me.”

The Good: “My child, deny yourself and follow me and I shall set you free. I am the good and I am from the truth and the light. Never forget the way, the truth and the life. For only through Him can you have eternal life!

Post-Innocent Aspiring Saint: “Oh Lord. I shall be actively good. My soul shall never rest until it finds peace in you. To rest is to rely on passive goodness which I no longer possess. Only through dying can I receive your eternal life in which my nature is reformed against yours. Only then can my soul rest. Only then can I once again have a pure nature that I don’t have to wrestle with. As a saint, goodness will flow from me both passively and actively. This is the only way to reap the blessing of freedom which you have given me, without eating of the curse that persistently stalks its shadow.”

The Good: “You have done well my child. Go and spread the good news so that we can all rejoice in goodness. Compromise not at the site of uninformed innocence or evil. Spread my news, the good news, indiscriminately to all who walk among you so that we can all rejoice forever.”

Chant of the Saints: “You oh Lord are the greatest libertarian ever having always insisted on our freedom from the beginning. Thank you for graciously allowing us to transform from innocent to good so that we can harness the gift of freedom!”

The Good: “I knew you could do it, even when you doubted yourself, you trusted in me and that is why you are a saint today!”

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